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Discounts, Credits, Fees & Special Enrollments



There is a 20% discount for the second child, and a 50% discount for the third child and each sibling thereafter.  The discount is calculated on the lowest tuition.


5 Days Past Due: A 5% late fee will be applied to the account.

30 Days Past Due: Clients will be contacted by phone.

45 Days Past Due: Clients will be contacted by the executive director by email and letter and notified that care will terminate once their account is 60 days past due and account will be sent to collections.

For re-enrollment of the client's child who had care terminated, the client will be required to pay all past due amounts and late payment fees, prepay tuition equal to 3 month enrollment and pay the standard registration fee.

MLEDP reserves the right to take any and all action legal and otherwise, deemed necessary and desirable for the collection of unpaid account balances past due. Such action may include reporting the client to a credit-reporting agency.


It is the policy of MLEDP to comply with any and all orders of the Court of Common Please, Family Division regarding any court-approved child custody arrangement.

Each custodial parent must file a copy of any applicable court order with the Executive Director of MLEDP within thirty (30) days of receipt of that order.

In the event a court order conflicts with our minimum attendance policy, the Executive Director or Executive Board will reconcile any differences.



Any parents requesting separate tuition billing will be processed as 2 different enrollments, with separate tuition fees and separate registration fees.

Billing and payment information will only be released to the parent/guardian signing the Registration Schedule Payment Agreement (RSPA).

Information about the account will not be provided to another person without written permission from the person who holds the account with MLEDP.


For any further questions regarding billing and payments, contact the Billing Office at:

412-343-1661 x111 or accounting@mledp.org