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All the programs follow a programming model called ACE: Active, Calm, Eating. Children make choices for the activities they will do.

A nutritious snack is available, frequently made by the children. Homework assistance is available. Time is allotted for active play, quiet time, creative play and socializing with friends.

Children will be asked to follow the ID Tag System at their center, to put away things with which they have played, to wash their hands before snack, and to clean up after themselves following snack.

Children's Attire

Appropriate clothing, including shoes, is needed for active play inside and outside. Limited space at sites does not permit storage of clothing.

Children without appropriate clothing for the weather outside or for activities on the playground or in the gym may be asked to forego the activity for their own safety.


Children will follow the school-community rules while on the playground.

Some playground equipment may not be available for use while at the extended day program, due to DHS regulations for childcare licensing, which may differ from Department of Education regulations.

Child Safety Notification

We must have an accurate and up to date telephone number in case of emergency.

Notify MLEDP immediately if you change your telephone number or address, or if the telephone number or address for your emergency contacts change.

Staff members must be able to reach someone during MLEDP hours of operation for safety reasons.

Children's Belongings

Please do not send special toys, or other favorite items with your child. MLEDP will attempt to locate lost items but is not responsible for lost items, including cell phones, electronic toys or gadgets.

Children are responsible for storing their belongings in the designated location at the center. Whenever possible, please put your child’s name on jackets, backpacks, lunches and other personal items.

Lost and Found: All found items will be held for 15 days.

Snack Menu

The snack menu is provided ahead of time to parents.
Menu planning takes into account: allergies, dietary needs, and nutrition.

Important: Parents need to inform the staff of any food allergies their child might have.


For your child's safety, parents must make staff members aware of any allergies: food, asthma, bee stings, etc.

This information is required to be filled out on the Parent Consent-Emergency Contact Form. It also doesn't hurt to tell your Center Director.

Medications provided to the center for your child, must be kept up-to-date or they can not be administered.

Health Concerns

Parents will need to make alternative care arrangements if your child has any of the following conditions:

  • Head Lice
  • Draining Sores or an Undiagnosed Rash
  • Eye Discharge or Pink Eye
  • A Fever of 100 Degrees or Higher


Transportation is provided only for the Kindergarten Care Program and field trips during the school year and summer program.


The possession or use of any weapon or a look alike weapon will incur suspension or expulsion and notification of police.

Any object used as weapon will incur suspension or expulsion and notification of police.