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Staff to Child Ratio

MLEDP sites meet or exceeds the adult to child ratios set by the DHS regulations for day care licensing

The regulations state a 1 to 12 adult to child ratio for young school-age children: K through 3rd grade

A 1 to 15 adult to child ratio for older school-age children: grades 4 and 5.

For special activities and field trips, a lower ratio is maintained.

Inappropriate Behavior

In general, staff members will give redirection to a child when a child does not want to participate in an activity or challenges other children when speaking or playing.

Working on the development of self-discipline, decision-making skills and responsibility for your own actions will be the manner in which the staff will attempt to resolve inappropriate behaviors in a group.

Any behavior, which may put a child’s safety at risk or the safety of other children at risk, will be investigated and could be cause for dismissal from the program.

Continuing instances of children choosing to make inappropriate choices may result in parent conferences or cessation of childcare.

Safety and consideration for the well being of the entire group will be the guiding consideration.

Child Didn't Show Up

If your child is expected to arrive after school at one of our centers and the child does not arrive within 5 minutes of school dismissal, and the center was not notified of a schedule change for the day, you will be contacted.

If no communication is made with you within 15 minutes the police will be called to assist in finding your child.

WE MUST HAVE A PHONE NUMBER ON FILE, where you can be reached during MLEDP operating hours.

Failure To Call Off Fee:
If your child is scheduled for afternoon care and is absent without calling to inform the center, then you will be charged a $25.00 Failure To Call Off Fee.

Change In Attendance

Call your center.

Voice Mail is available 24/7.

Parents must notify the PM Kindergarten Care Center by 11:00 AM or the School Age Center by 3:00pm of a change or absence by:

  • Voice Mail
  • eMail
  • Written on the Parent Notes log at the center

Late Pick-Ups

If you are unable to pick up your child by 6:30 PM, you must contact the center to inform them as to the identity of the person picking up your child. Make sure they have a Photo ID and the Password.

If your child has not been picked-up by 6:30 PM we will call you. If no communication is made with you 6:45 PM, the emergency contact you provided will be contacted for pick up. Should the center not be able to reach you or an emergency contact, the police will be called to assist with locating you.

Child Care cannot be provided after 6:30 p.m. Parents who are consistently late will be asked to make arrangements to have another person pick up their child everyday or they will be asked to leave the program.

Leaving a Center Restrictions

Children are not allowed to leave the center on their own.

With advanced notice, an adult who has your permission to pick-up your child may sign out your child. ID will be requested.

Children are not allowed to make their own arrangements to leave the center.

Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

At the Parent Center, you will find 2 things:

  • The Procare sign in/out
  • The Parent's Note Log

Procare is your Sign-in and Sign-out log. Your child must be Signed-In and Signed-Out of the center every time. Only an adult may Sign-In or Sign-Out your child.

An adult is defined by DHS as 18 years of age or older

The Parent's Note Log is to notify us as to any changes in your child's schedule.

  • Please use the designated parking areas
  • Turn off your car
  • Do not leave children unattended in your car when you are dropping off or picking up your child

Illness & Injuries

In case of minor illness or injury, a member of the staff will attend to your child's needs.

In the case of a serious injury or a illness, only first aid treatment will be given by the staff, 911 will be contacted, and the parents will be notified.

Any child with a fever of 100 degrees or more may not attend care and the child must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to care.

If a child is suffering from vomiting, they must go 24 hours without vomiting before returning to care

Remember, an emergency contact number where parents can be reached must be on file at the center.

Fire Drills & Evacuation

A monthly fire drill is conducted at each site. Sites have both internal and external evacuation locations

Parents are notified if the children are moved to one of the designated community evacuation sites:

Refer to the Emergency Plan Information panel on the home page.