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DHS Regulations PA Code Chapter 3270 Child Day Care CentersExcerpts

All sites have an annual licensing inspection to maintain their Certificate of Compliance. MLEDP is required to meet all regulations for school age programs.

To view these regulations, please click here: http://www.pacodeandbulletin.gov/Display/pacode?file=/secure/pacode/data/055/chapter3270/chap3270toc.html&d=


Please Read Entire Overview:

Safety and supervision of children are the primary responsibilities of a child care center.

Mt. Lebanon Extended Day Program is a licensed child care provider, inspected annually by the Department of Human Services, and MLEDP is required to meet the School Age Child Care Regulations of the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, Chapter 3270: Child Day Care Centers.

Though our centers are in schools, the schools follow different regulations, those of the Department of Education, which in some instances are not the same as the DHS School Age Child Care Center Regulations.

Child Health Assessment

Child Health Assessment §3270.131

The center shall require the parent of an enrolled child, including a child, foster child and relative of a facility person to provide an initial health report no later than 60 days following the first day of attendance at the facility.

Note: MLEDP will suspend care if the Child Health Assessment is not submitted. School age children only need to provide a health assessment upon their first enrollment and again should any health conditions change while enrolled.

Homework Assistance

Homework Assistance §3270.116

School Age Children

When a facility serves school age children, homework supervision shall be provided in accordance with arrangements determined by the parent and staff.

Child Abuse Reporting

Child Abuse Reporting §3270.19

An operation or a staff person who has reason to believe that a child enrolled in the facility has been abused is required to report suspected child abuse to ChildLine (1-800-932-0313) as a mandated reporter.

Release of Children

Release of Children §3270.117

A child shall only be released to the child’s parent or to an individual designated in writing by the enrolling parent. A child shall be released to either parent unless a court order on file at the facility states otherwise.

In an emergency, a child may be released to an individual upon the oral designation of the parent, if the identity of the individual can be verified by a staff person.

The following  information shall be logged in the child’s record:

  • The name of the parent making the request
  • The date and time of the request
  • The name of the individual to whom the child is to be released
  • The name of the staff person making the call
  • The name of the staff person releasing the child

Child Medication

Child Medication and Special Diets  §3270.133
When medication or special diets are administered, the following requirements apply:

A prescription or non-prescription medication may be accepted only in an original container. The medication must remain in the container in which it was received.

A staff person shall administer a prescription medication only if written instructions are provided from the individual who prescribed the medicine. Instructions for administration contained on a prescription label are acceptable.

The label of a medication container must identify the name of the medication and the name of the child for whom the medication is intended. Medication shall be administered to only the child whose name appears on the container.

Medication shall be stored in a locked area of the facility or in an area that is out of the reach of children.

Medication shall be stored in accordance with the manufacturer or health professional's instructions on the original label.

A parent shall provide written consent for administration.

A Medication Log will be maintained:

  • Containing the name of the medication
  • The name of the child receiving the medication
  • Storage requirements (refrigeration)
  • The amount of medication administered
  • The date of administration
  • The time of administration
  • The initials of the staff person who administered the medication
  • Special notes related to problems of administration

Symptoms of Disease

Children with Symptoms of Disease §3770.137

A child care staff member who observes an enrolled child with symptoms of a communicable disease or infection that can be transmitted directly or indirectly and which may threaten the health of children in care shall exclude the child from attendance until  notification from a physician or CRNP is received that the child is no longer considered a threat to the health of others.